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Lasik FAQs

Posted on 06-28-2017

At Merrimack Vision Care, our eye care professionals take pride in providing our patients the most advanced and precise eye care services available. If you require corrective lenses to see cl...

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Are Contact Lenses Right For Me?

Posted on 06-27-2017

Whether you think of them as spectacles, glasses, or a second set of eyes, many corrective lens wearers could benefit from the daily or occasional use of contact lenses. At one time, con...

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Eye Injury Treatment From Our Manchester Eye Doctor

Posted on 03-21-2017

Our Manchester eye doctor and team here at Merrimack Vision Care wants you to know that eye pain is never normal and should always be assessed by an eye care professional. If you've suffer...

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The Benefits of Vision Therapy

Posted on 03-09-2017

If your vision problems cannot be treated with glasses or contact lenses alone, we might suggest vision therapy services. Learn what to expect in vision therapy and who benefits from this kind of ...

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Why You Need Eye Exams as You Age

Posted on 02-15-2017

You may have gone your entire life without needing to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses. But by the time you’ve celebrated your 40th birthday, it’s quite possible that you have alr...

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