How long does it take for my glasses to be ready?

If your glasses are done by MVC Eye Care directly, your glasses should be ready in anywhere from one hour to five business days (depending on the complexity of your Rx). Sometimes your insurance may require us to use the insurance company’s optical lab. In this case, the ins co. lab will dictate the turnaround time you should expect.

How much will my eyeglasses cost?

Many factors will determine the final cost of your eyewear. Your final prescription, your work related needs, your fashion sense and budget will all have an impact on the cost. Any of our skilled opticians can assist you in finding the best product for all of your needs.

Does my eyeglass and/or contact lens prescription expire?

State law requires doctors to determine an expiration date for all written prescriptions. This would include eyeglasses and contact lenses as well as medications. The expiration date is determined first by state law, then by the individual needs of the patient which are determined by the doctor. Eyeglass prescriptions are valid for two years and contact lenses are valid for one year unless your medical diagnosis calls for the doctor to alter the expiration date to ensure proper medical care.

How often does your office get new eyeglass styles?

We work with many of the best designers and brands from around the world and have new product coming in on a weekly basis.

Do you price match?

Yes we price match as well as accept all competitors coupons. Due to the vast amount of products in the optical industry we strive to ensure that the products you have inquired about are the exact match in both manufacturer and quality. This will allow you the patient to compare exact products and determine the better value.

Why does my child need Trivex lenses?

Your child’s safety is our number one priority. Trivex lenses have been proven as the highest impact resistant material available. As a parent you should feel comfortable knowing that we recommend the safest possible lenses that have been designed for the active life of children of all ages.

What is your warranty on glasses?

Any prescription eyeglass product ( not supplied to you by your insurance company) has a one year unconditional guarantee against defects and accidental breakage. Glasses that are lost are not covered by our warranty.

Why does the doctor have a medical technician? What do they do?

Otherwise know as a medical prescreener, their main focus is on gathering past medical history, performing advanced pretesting such as Retinal imaging, computerized refractions and glaucoma testing. They are also responsible for contact lens instruction for new wearers.

What is the benefit of a “no-line” progressive bifocal over a traditional “line” bifocal?

Progressive multifocals are a completely different way to help you see clearly at all distances. Unlike traditional lined bifocals that have only two specific areas to see through (distance for driving and near for reading). Progressive lenses are designed with many different levels of power allowing your eyes to focus on objects as close as ten inches to as far as distant signs and everywhere in between.

Do you take my insurance?

We are providers for most insurance companies. Although we try to be experts on many different plans, we recommend that the insurance holder call the member services phone number on your identification card to determine eligibility and benefits (ie. exam coverage, eyeglass/contact lens coverage, etc.)

I don’t have insurance, what kind of specials are you running?

We are always running some sort of special here at MVC Eye Care. Please call the office to find out what sale we are having at any given time.

Will my insurance cover the Optomap retinal image or contact lens fitting and evaluation?

The Optomap is a high-tech extremely useful tool to help our Doctors in the early detection of many retinal diseases. Your insurance company will not cover the Optomap test unless a medical diagnosis is found. If everything looks healthy, your insurance company considers this test to be a screening and therefore will not cover the cost. The Optomap is a mere $39 charge for peace of mind that everything within the eye is healthy. Most insurance companies consider contact lenses and the fitting and evaluation of contact lenses to be cosmetic. An annual contact lens update is needed yearly in the State of NH to keep your contact lens prescription valid. Since it is deemed by your insurance company to be cosmetic they will not cover the cost of a contact lens fitting and evaluation.

How long will my visit last?

Depending on the reason for your visit, it could last anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour. Plan to be here for at least an hour, especially if you plan to pick out glasses. This gives us sufficient time for your check-in, testing, exam, and glasses or contacts should you need them.

Do I need an appointment to pick out glasses?

No. Come in anytime and we can have an Optician work with you to choose the perfect pair of eyeglasses for you.