Glaucoma FAQs

What Is Glaucoma?
The eye’s optic nerve is affected in patients with glaucoma. Intraocular pressure builds up in the eye, harming the nerve. This nerve sends signals between the brain and the eye, so it’s chiefly responsible for good vision.

What Are Its Symptoms?
Many patients report being asymptomatic for many years. Permanent vision loss is likely at that point, and that’s what triggers these patients to visit an eye doctor.

That said, when a patient loses vision due to glaucoma, it cannot be restored. The focus at that point is preventing the disease from robbing a patient’s vision even further.

How Is It Caused?
As mentioned, the eye’s optic nerve contains what’s called intraocular pressure. In healthy patients, this pressure is at a normal level and causes no strain on the optic nerve. In those with glaucoma, the pressure increases to the point where the optic nerve is harmed and fluid may leak into the eye.

Where Can You Go for Glaucoma Treatment?
If you think you may have this condition, don’t wait to receive glaucoma treatment. The sooner your eye doctor catches this, the better. At MVC Eye Care, we can prescribe a treatment that can preserve your vision.

Medications like eye drops can be impactful in regulating intraocular pressure. Laser treatments may also halt this condition, as can surgery. That said, surgery is often offered as a last resort for patients who are at high risk of losing all their vision.

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